Hello! My name is Wae and thank you for visiting my space on the web.  I am a classically trained artist, a self taught knitter, spinner, and crocheter. I developed a love for spinning fiber after 10 years of working as a museum quality framer.

The creation of artwork and custom frames were the foundation which had drawn me in towards the process of spinning. This enabled me to enhance my yarn stash in new and amazing ways. Painting on yarn was the obvious next step in my fiber journey. Soon after, I bought supplies and taught myself to dye fiber and yarn.  During this time, I had received a part time job at the local yarn store. On my first day, I assisted the owner in a dye workshop and the rest is history! I purchased my first spinning wheel and a drum carder soon followed suite.  And, that drum carder indirectly lead to a new life and career as the co owner of Cloverhill Yarn Shop and Tempting Ewe Yarns from 2013 to 2019.

Moving Forward

Now that I no longer have a brick and mortar shop to call home, I find myself struggling to find the best way to help my community.  Life after the shop has lead me towards running a home studio so that I can continue to bring you wonderful yarns while being a stay at home mom in beautiful New Market, Maryland.  I'm well known for dyeing vibrant, bold colors and consistently call upon my artistic expertise in creating these one-of-a-kind colors and fiber productions. 


At my old shop, we created a community that was diverse and welcoming to all. We maintained it as a safe place so that anyone could find peace and refuge... I miss that old connection to my community and wonder, "what can I do from my tiny corner of the world?"  

I strive to be thoughtful and inclusive to all. I am a plus sized woman and as a plus sized shop owner,  I understand the unique needs of our particular bodies.  As an indie dyer, I prefer to stock a variety of fingering weight yarns (and, as the shop expands you' will see a greater variety). Why fingering weight yarn? It's my favorite and not as hot. I LOVE wool, but in no way am I wearing a worsted weight sweater.  The weather and the lack of snow has left very little justification in a coat let alone a heavy wool sweater. So there you have it. The honest truth for me is I can work with fingering weight yarn year round happily. Will I have other weights of yarn? Of course I will so don't despair

Different Fiber Bases

A variety of bases means that I can offer a range of price points with the goal of greater affordability to a wider audience.  Fingering weight yarn goes farther on a dollar in yardage than the heavier weight yarns.  These bulkier yarns are the same price but require more of it to complete a plus sized garment.  In my shop, If I wouldn't spend the money to make something with that particular yarn, I'm won't ask my customers to either. For the sake of cost benefit and temperature control, I again lean towards fingering weight yarn. 


I am a dyer and community oriented... so until I have a dye studio open to the public on main street in New Market....( a girl can dream) I want to offer my dyeing services to those of you who might have a sweater in mind or a blanket but you want to make it out of hand dyed yarns. I will take a limited qty of orders per month. Let's say 2 for now. First come first serve, if you have a hand spun stash that is undyed and made up of protein based fiber I'll dye it for you, or undyed / white commercial Superwash Wool Yarn.  It will cost $10.00 per skein dyed and you pay to ship it to me, I'll cover the shipping in return up to 35 oz. That's up to 10 skeins of yarn worth of free shipping. If you're interested please email me directly at colorwaefiberarts@gmail.com and we can discuss your needs and project.

Overall Shop Mission

Most important of all, I want to make clear my commitment to equality and inclusion for everyone. I will always do what I can for my customers and I will always strive to exceed expectations.


Today I open my shop to you all.  Thank you for taking the time to read thru my history and look forward in creating something special for you!

With love,